Dental Treatments

Treatment NameGeneral RateDental Off Rate
Dental X-Ray per film250125
Maxillofacial Surgery

Treatment NameGeneral RateDental Off Rate
Simple Extraction of one tooth1500750
Extraction of one impacted tooth under LA75003750
Surgical extraction of one tooth under LA25001250
Post extraction/operative treatment per sitting500250
Alveolar surgery per segment20001000
Removal of cyst under LA80004000
Removal of Epuits under LA50003000
T.m Joint reduction under LA50002500
T.M Joint reduction under GA -Surgeon Charges Only100005000
Reduction of fractured jaw- Surgeon Charges only2500012500

Treatment NameGeneral RateDental Off Rate
Fixed Braces Per patient (Simple case)13500067500
Removable Ortho appliance -(per Arch)90004500
Ortho Retainer (per retainer)90004500
Crown & Bridge Work

Treatment NameGeneral RateDental Off Rate
Crown Acrylic35001750
Metal Ceremic Crown85004250
Metal Ceremic Bridge (Per tooth)85004250
Crown Metal65003250
Full Ceremic Crown/Zirconia2800014000
Denture Work

Treatment NameGeneral RateDental Off Rate
Acrylic denture one tooth removable35001750
Subsequent tooth (Per tooth)20001000
Full Denture Upper & Lower6500032500
Full denture Upper & Lower in soft liner80004000
Chrome & Cobalt Denture per plate2000010000
Dental Implant per tooth8000040000
Dental Implant per tooth with bone9600048000
Veneer per tooth *1800014000

Treatment NameGeneral RateDental Off Rate
Complete Scaling40002000
Treatment of Periodontal abscess35001750
Floride application75003250
Currettage under LA per segment50002500
Operative Dentistry

Treatment NameGeneral RateDental Off Rate
Temporary Filling per tooth1500750
Filling with silver amalgam per cavity35001750
Filling with glass incomer per cavity25001250
Root canal treatment single root tooth80004000
Root canal treatment premolar or molar85004250
Treatment of sharpedges of teeth/filling1000500
Composite laser filling45002250
Teeth whitening2500012500

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